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Australian Tax Refund Services

Applying for your Australian tax refund can be a tedious and confusing process. While it is great to receive some tax back time needs to be spent on completing the necessary paperwork.

The majority of students and backpackers obtain tax back amounting to thousands of dollars. For this reason it is important that backpackers tax back receive all of the tax refund they are entitled to.

Here is where pink cow can help - we will ensure you receive the maximum return possible.

Tax Refunds Australia. How we can help…

At pink cow we specialise in helping tourists on a working holiday visa, students and anyone in between, claim their full entitlement to a tax refund

We offer a completely digitized and hassle-free process, from the time a customer visits our website right through to when they receive their tax refund in their bank account.

We pride ourselves for providing trustworthy online tax return services and for this reason we have made our refund policy so clear and easy.

If you are entitled to a tax refund and don't receive your Australian tax refunds, we haven't delivered the service you deserved and therefore you'll get your money back. No, there isn’t a catch. It’s that simple.