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Backpacker Tax Back Australia

As a backpacker in Australia it can sometimes be confusing to learn all the jurisdictional rules governing what you can and can’t do. Australia has working holiday visa arrangements with many countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Part of the reason that many people come on working holiday to Australia is to immerse themselves in the culture of living in one place as well as earning some extra cash to supplement their travels.

Backpackers can enter a variety of different forms of employment - from hospitality to rural farm work, and so on. This can initially attract a high tax rate which a working holiday maker may have to pay.

There is good news however – any excess tax payments can be claimed back at the end of the tax year (30th June).

How does backpackers tax back work?

To get an idea of how much tax you have overpaid you can use the calculator located on our homepage.

This will give you an instant and accurate estimate of your backpacker tax back. Pinkcow’s tax back calculator Australia has all the relevant rates and thresholds to help estimate how much you might reclaim as from your backpacker tax return.

All you need to do is enter your gross earnings and the tax you have paid, and the tax refund calculator Australia will give you an accurate estimate of your refund in advance of completing our online process.

From here a simple 10 minute, fully online form can be completed – on completion pink cow will take no payment up front if an estimated tax refund is achieved.