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about pinkcow

Pinkcow was founded from travellers wanting to be provided with a tax refund solution.

After some time spent travelling and working across the world, each immersed themselves in professional finance roles. It was this combination of financial work experience and travel which gave the pair direct insight into providing tax refund solutions for individuals when working overseas. They themselves had experienced first-hand the difficulties of dealing with an unfamiliar tax system in a foreign country, and so decided to provide a service to help travellers now sharing the same difficulty reclaiming their working holiday tax back.

As such, pinkcow's core values are:

  • A fairly priced service with no hidden fees or commitments
  • A simple to use straightforward process
  • A customer focused approach
  • Support for the working holiday and backpacking community

pinkcow has sourced the finest tax agents and tax return services around to give customers the best quality service and value for money possible.

Tax is boring - let pinkcow do the work.